Star Wars: Exiles

The Bitchbeast

Here we are, at the cave where the beast was tracked to. I find myself hesitating to go in after it. Perhaps I was afraid of it, who knows. Still, after a moments hesitation, I enter the cave, my companions quick to follow. The beast’s spawn found us in short order. Five of them, exactly. The Rodian made short work of them, gunning all of them down. Over my shoulder, I might add. I trust the man, but not that much. I will have words with him later. Our commotion awoke the beast and all of its spawn in the area and they were barring down on us now. I could feel it, and quickly see it as well. There was the beast ahead of us and quite a bit of her brood both ahead and behind. I didn’t get a chance to count all of them, too fast and too many but there had to be upwards of forty of them. We quickly got to work dealing with her.

Xzun used the missile tube we had been carting around on the horde and took the skies, where he remained to issue us tactical information and orders. I will have to tell him sometime how much I appreciate the support, its immensely helpful. The Rodian ((who still isn’t on Obsidian Portal)) managed to handle most of the spawn as well, but that earned him the ire of the beast itself. It… it wasn’t pretty what it did to him. It cost him half of his face. He responded by throwing his flamethrower inside of it via… the back end, and igniting it. The results were catastrophic but it didn’t seem to hurt the beast as much as we would have like. My own lightsaber didn’t have much effect, either. It was simply too tough for our weapons. Sure, a little would get through here and there but we would be dead before it would be. That is when I noticed a crystal in its shoulder.

The crystal was the same as one on the transport shuttle, most likely from the broken canister. Somehow, it found itself embedded in this thing. It was light side aligned, I could sense it. But it seemed off. Something was wrong. But it still worked on the same principles that something light sided could be countered by something dark sided. But the only person here able to do that was myself, as Dyn was now incapacitated. One of the spawn had taken one of his legs.

Channeling the dark side went against all that I stood for, but it was a necessary evil to stop the beast. My first attempt went poorly. I was unfocused and inexperienced with the dark side. But the second attempt was much better. I managed to disrupt the beast but in doing so, it turned its attention to me. When I came to it had been slain, a combination of everything we had thrown at it finally managed to take care of it. The crystal slid out of the beast’s body easily and was wrapped in Dyn’s pant leg. We made a makeshift stretcher to carry Dyn back to the farmhouse, Xzun insisting that he was helping but in reality was more of a hindrance if he had just let the Rodian and I carry Dyn.

Attempts were made at the farmhouse to mislead the Imperials that were coming in to check out the crashed shuttle, but instead they sent a few troops to check the barn. The Rodian and Xzun took the hoversled back to the castle, a days ride for them, to insure that Dyn would receive medical attention as quickly as he could. I took the horse Dyn had rented back to the castle in his stead, and arrived at the castle the day after the hoversled arrived. From there, we met with the lord of the castle and convinced we had slain the bitchbeast with proof of the crystal, we had set to work healing our wounds and preparing for our return to our little makeshift home in a few days time.


edgey Dorkwithaspork

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