Star Wars: Exiles

That One Where Things Fall Apart

The week after the bitchbeast was uneventful. I wish I could say the same for last two days.

To recap, the last week has been spent licking our wounds from the battle, taking what we have learned and better applying ourselves and our equipment. The Doombinders were not able to successfully destroy the corrupted crystal on their first try. They have called in more of their numbers to help with the second attempt. While I am still uncomfortable with the idea of so many dark side influences in one place, I realize that it is a necessary component to the removal of the corrupted crystal. Purifying it would require too many resources that this planet just can’t offer. The second ceremony started simple enough but soon it was crashed by the Temple monks that had attempted to take me a few weeks ago. We couldn’t afford to have the ceremony interrupted, and we leapt to defend it. It was interesting to note that most of the monks here also had lightsabers, and were well versed in their use, especially the big one. He towered above us. Unfortunately, Zyr caught his attention early with his very quick disposal of the only member of their group without a saber. Also unfortunately, Zyr had yet to fully recover from his ordeal with the beast, and was quickly incapacitated from a blow to the head. I fear he may be concussed and that he may not function normally anymore…

The group of four saber users were dealt with quickly, though two of them managed to go find Dyn and Xzun. The largest among them thinned our numbers, knocking out Xzun, but I sundered his hilt and Dyn chased him off. I question that decision, but it seemed to have worked. I claimed some robes from the fallen and a lightsaber hilt to be rebuilt to my preferences. I refuse to utilize one of the corrupted crystals, I’ll have to find different crystal at another time.

The Imperials are out in force now. They aren’t happy about their missing crystal/shuttle and are imposing what appears to be martial law onto the settlements. Mass executions followed. This is getting out of hand rapidly. I contacted Pellm and got instructions from her to pick up supplies from a field hospital to help with “the Phoenix Project”. In hindsight, I really should have asked more questions…

We left the doctor at the hospital, feeling he could do more good there. We would have been right, if thats what it really was. turns out, it was a breeding ground for squid parasites and every single one of the ‘patients’ was an incubator. Dyn managed to escape, but we had sadly ignored his pleas until we ran into problems of our own. Pellm seems to know what this means, and stands wholly behind it. It is too much, she’s asking for the genocide of the Empire, and there is no way to regulate that, it may even be the galaxy. She did not see reason, I fear her zeal has consumed her. Xzun shot her in the face, questionable but allowed for our escape. Xzun also managed to convince the Imperials to bomb the distillery where the field hospital was. It worked, but with two side effects. One, a squid parasite sludge leaked out into the water, which is very bad. Two, it revealed a much, much larger squid in the lake, which is very bad.

We managed to grab Dyn, safe from the squid parasite infected and the bombing run and returned to the bunker. I feel the best way to figure out what is going on is the Deepwater Science Facility in the middle of the ocean. We’re going to need a larger ship to reach it. Hopefully they’ll see reason and won’t shoot us on sight…


edgey Dorkwithaspork

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