Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 6

If you’re reading this, you know that things have went very, very badly. One of the local agents (P) was playing around with some kind of hivemind parasite she wanted to weaponize, only it went too far… I’m pretty sure she is compromised, as the parasitic infection is spreading across the population. They were using the distillery as cover to distribute them — that’s why all hell is raining loose, the parasites are running wild. Have also made contact with a parasitic mutation of some kind, where the parasites have discovered individuality and disconnected from the grid. Unsure whether we can trust them or not but keeping an eye on the situation…

Highly infectious. See notes from D attached, these can be used to identify and “cleanse” the infection.

It gets worse, apparently there is some mirror dimension slash doomsday device hidden in the nebula. Can’t weaponize this either as it would lead to destruction of nebula, galaxy, and surrounding galaxies… possibly destroy all life as we know it… it’s a reckless power and only the demented or the damned would use it. Must not only prevent it from going off, but keep it out of the Empire’s hand — no idea if they would harness it, but such power should not exist. Its existence would tempt someone to try and use it. Think of the lives lost…

Unsure of next steps, or which of these to prioritize on. May need to split our forces.

I hate this planet.


edgey admiralironbombs

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