Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 5

Dead drop

Went out on a bounty mission my colleagues signed up for. Sidhe natives operating a ritual hunt to slay monsters, with a hefty reward. Set out into the wilds, found all local inhabitants (lumbering camp and ranger outpost) raped to death. Bodies eaten and mauled, genitalia removed. Other heavily-armed teams participating in this same hunt were found in similar condition. Tracks of many smaller beasts and one larger one; followed these to lair (cave system) where all monstrous residents were slain. Colleagues performed admirably, hired killer in particular (used a flamethrower fuel tank as impromptu fuel-air bomb, to some effect). All lucky to survive unaffected.

Beasts were neither native lifeforms nor alien species. Cause was some glowing crystal (dark Force energy?) that mutates all matter it touches — related to Imperial experiments offshore. There is a crashed Lambda shuttle at 3.2028° N, 73.2207° E that was transporting this crystal, crashed; some native creature touched it and mutated, smaller creatures were hideous progeny (don’t ask). Shuttle site was cleansed though the medic may have spliced fragmentary details; shuttle remnants under lockdown. All corpses of beasts disintegrated upon death. Crystal was unfortunately destroyed in process… probably for the best, handling it is unfeasible at best and unwise at worst.

This is big — Anders was right. Entire colony under lockdown from this disruption. Some of my dirty laundry was found by Imps during investigation, so am taking time to air it out, clean out the mess to step out in style again. Keep you posted.



edgey admiralironbombs

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