Welcome to the Arcanus Penal Colony!

For reasons stated in form TK-421a you have been sentenced to life living on the dwarf planet Arcanus. Fear not for while your sentence may be life, and escape is impossible, you are welcome to pay your total requital at anytime for release. Payment can be made with your APC Exile Bracelet (provided you are in exceptional standing) anytime at any of the Arcanus Warden Offices located in most of the major towns on Arcanus.

The Arcanus Penal Colony has been in operation by the illustrious Jabba the Hutt since before the Clone Wars, and in cooperation with the Galactic Empire, hope that you will be comfortable with your new life as an exile. Those who are not pleased with living on Arcanus are welcome to be sent to the Theripeen Dungeon within Castle Nil-Athas where you may live out the rest of your life sentence doing hard labor.

Those who do wish to participate will be offered bunk living quarters (for a small service fee) with the option to secure more permanent housing once you are able to generate income from working in one of *Arcanus*’ many great industries. Industries such as deep sea fishing, mining and ore smelting are some of the most popular. Again the Arcanus Penal Colony discourages any black market and unethical careers but the sky is the limit for any entrepreneur! Truly the sky is the limit. There is no way off Arcanus for Exiles. Any Exile attempting such an action will be dealt with swiftly with an escort to Theripeen Dungeon. Arcanus Penal Colony would like to apologize to any family members or innocent exiles who are maimed, killed or disintegrated while APC Guards are attempting to subdue any Exile who is not acting in the best interest of the Arcanus Penal Colony.

New Exiles arriving at the Arcanus Penal Colony are welcome to take any goods they wish for their new life on Arcanus, as long as they meet the APC parameters for appropriate items. Some restricted items are allowed on a case by case bases, usually for a small processing fee.

Arcanus is situated within the Nechtan System, a small dwarf planet within the Serpents Asteroid Belt that orbits the Nechtan Nebula. Arcanus is different than most planets, not just because of its small size but because the Nechtan System has no sun. Light is provided by the Nechtan Nebula and some heat, with the rest being provided by the geothermal vents within the planet. Even with geothermal, Arcanus can be rather cold, with an average temperature of 6 degrees near the equator. For this reason APC recommends all exiles take up residence on the Island of Cape Arcanus situated along the planets equator.

Cape Arcanus is where most industry on the planet takes place and has the highest concentration of people (Approx. 130,000) and has the widest variety of terrains found on the planet, from moorlands in the south to rocky highlands in the north and swamplands in the west, all with great scenic beauty and epics forest regions!

So enjoy new exile, and please remember tampering with your APC Exile Bracelet could result in you exploding!

Arcanus Penal Colony Staff


Star Wars: Exiles

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