General Skills

Astrogation (p71) Intellect

  • Program a navicomputer for a hyperspace jump.
  • Basic knowledge of galactic geography.
  • Use navicomputer to identify location.
  • Familiarity with hyperspace routes and the types of craft and commerce most common along a route.

Athletics (p71) Brawn

  • Climb – including rappel or swing on a line – difficulty determined by surface and weather conditions.
  • Swim – difficulty determined by water conditions (waves, currents and tides).
  • Jump horizontally or vertically – difficulty determined by gravitational conditions and distance required.
  • Push movement to a longer speed or run for an extended time.

Charm (p72) Presence; Opposed by Cool

  • Persuade an individual to make a special exception to usual practices through flattery, flirting and grace.
  • Appeal to an individual’s better nature, requiring them to go out of their way to aid the characters without any hope of remuneration.
  • Sincere seduction attempts (use Deceit when interest is feigned).

Coerce (p72) Willpower; Opposed by Discipline

  • Issue a threat, whether accompanied by hostile actions or implied, such as gesturing or pointing towards a weapon.
  • Question or persuade a target under conditions of physical captivity.
  • Acts of torture.

Computers (p73) Intellect

  • Open a locked door, control an elevator or bypass a security system.
  • Search through records, particularly if encrypted.
  • Investigate what actions a slicer might have taken against a computer system.
  • Alter a droid’s programming or gain access to its memories.
  • Recover data from a system that has suffered physical damage.

Cool (p74) Presence

  • Resist efforts to hide the truth among overt niceties.
  • Check for initiative when carefully and calmly prepared.
  • Check for initiative in a social situation/discussion where timing matters.

Coordination (p74) Agility

  • Reduce damage when falling (see p140).
  • Walk across a narrow surface, whether a wide beam or a thin pipe.
  • Escape from restraints.
  • Crawl through the twists and turns of a sewage pipe, ventilation duct or garbage chute.

Deceit (p75) Cunning; Opposed by Discipline

  • Mislead a buyer or seller about the value of an object.
  • Distract an opponent through guile.
  • Lay a false trail when pursued.

Discipline (p75) Willpower

  • Act normally while pinned down by heavy fire.
  • Engage, rather than flee before, a creature with inherently horrifying aspects.
  • Resist a tempting deal that seems far too good to be true.

Leadership (p76) Presence; Opposed by Discipline

  • Rally allies subject to the effects of fear (see p189).
  • Sway a crowd in a public venue to take action, most often of a political nature.
  • Reassert the loyalty of underlings that have fallen before the guile of an opponent.

Mechanics (p76) Intellect

  • Repair physical damage to a device, provided necessary tools and replacement components are available.
  • Repair starship or vehicle (see p155).
  • Identify the parts and tools necessary for a repair job, along with approximate cost.
  • Construct a completely new device from discrete components and damaged devices.
  • Make a healing check on a droid (see Medicine, p177).

Medicine (p77) Intellect

  • Apply routine first aid, including medpacs.
  • Treat or inflict a poison, pharmaceutical or recreational drug.
  • Identify symptoms and treatment for infectious diseases and parasites.
  • More serious treatment – including surgery, cybernetic augmentation and psychotherapy, provided necessary pharmaceuticals and medical instruments are available.

Negotiate (p77) Presence; Opposed by Cool

  • Adjust the purchase price when buying goods or services.
  • Adjust the selling price when selling goods or services.
  • Participate in skill-based gambling (use Deceit when cheating).

Perception (p78) Cunning; Opposed by skill used for concealment

  • Detect a trap or ambush, prior to falling prey to the assault.
  • Detect a disguised individual, when not actively looking.
  • Notice a subtle clue – overheard conversation, the stink of a Jawa, drug introduced to beverage.
  • Accidentally notice subtly hidden objects, such as the latch securing a smuggling compartment.

Pilot (Planetary) (p78) Agility

  • Decipher basic controls of completely foreign type of atmospheric craft.
  • Determine results of a race upon a world’s surface.
  • Maintain a tail or lose a chaser.
  • Navigate through a familiar environment, representing knowledge of typical traffic patterns

Pilot (Space) (p79) Agility

  • Determine results of a race between the stars.
  • Resolve chases, whether through asteroid belts, a crowded battlefield or skirting the edge of a gravimetric instability.
  • Jockey for position in a space conflict, to determine which shields face the enemy and which weapons may be brought to bear.

Resilience (p79) Brawn

  • Go without sleep for significantly longer than is healthy for species.
  • Resist the effects of a toxin.
  • Endure prolonged exposure to a hostile environment – including heat, cold or toxic pollution.
  • Resist the effects of dehydration and malnutrition.

Skullduggery (p80) Cunning; Opposed by Perception

  • Pick a lock or pocket using physical tools rather than programming.
  • Escape from a cell (after using Coordination to slip any bonds) and navigate away from security elements.
  • Identify the most vulnerable aspects of a security scheme.

Stealth (p80) Agility; Opposed by Perception

  • Blend in with a crowd, hiding by acting as though you belong.
  • Hide from an opponent’s senses, modified by ambient conditions and applicable gear.
  • Hide people or objects from the attentions of others, either through concealment or misdirection.

Streetwise (p81) Cunning

  • Locate a merchant who specialises in unsavoury goods or illicit services.
  • Pick up subtle cues from the language and attitudes of those who operate outside of legal structures. Understand subtle references within conversations.
  • Discover what rumours are actively circulating within a region.

Survival (p82) Cunning

  • Identify safe food, potable water or shelter in a natural environment.
  • Understand weather patterns. Recognise the signs of imminent dangerous conditions and know the best way to prepare.
  • Track a subject through the wilderness – whether game or bounty.
  • Handle domesticated animals, so they may be used as beasts of burden or transport.

Vigilance (p82) Willpower

  • Check for initiative when unprepared.
  • Use ability associated with the Force dependent on Vigilance.
  • Determine how prepared you are for unexpected crises. Resolve questions about whether or not a small piece of gear is available.

Knowledge Skills

Core Worlds (p85) Intellect

  • Identify a person’s planet of origin without asking, by recognising traits of accent, dress and mannerisms associated with a particular world.
  • Know what behaviours are considered necessary and polite, as opposed to ones that could be offensive when interacting with someone from a Core World.
  • Identify which markets are the best places to sell or purchase a particular cargo (in the Core Worlds). Recognise any worlds where such goods could be illegal.

Education (p85) Intellect

  • Identify the best way to proceed when interacting with a government entity.
  • Employ basic scientific knowledge in an analysis.
  • Understand any question that doesn’t obviously fall under another knowledge skill.

Lore (p85) Intellect

  • Decipher an ancient piece of writing or identify its context.
  • Know legends associated with the exploits of an ancient hero.

Outer Rim (p86) Intellect

  • Find a planet with a particular resource or service among the systems of the Outer Rim.
  • Identify which markets are the best places to sell or purchase a particular cargo (in the Outer Rim). Recognise any worlds where such goods could be illegal.
  • Know what behaviours are considered necessary and polite, as opposed to ones that could be offensive when interacting with someone from an Outer Rim world.

Underworld (p86) Intellect

  • Know which nearby worlds are the best locations for a particular type of illegal business.
  • Determine the most common methods an opponent might use for a particular type of criminal activity.

Xenology (p86) Intellect

  • Know what behaviours are considered necessary and polite, as opposed to ones that could be offensive when interacting with a member of an unfamiliar species.
  • Identify a particular way to injure or a characteristic vulnerability, to either help or harm a member of another species.
  • Know appropriate environmental conditions and foodstuffs for a member of another species.

Combat Skills

Brawl (p83) Brawn

  • Make a melee attack while unarmed or using a Brawl weapon.

Gunnery (p83) Agility

  • Make a ranged attack using a Gunnery weapon.
  • Operate complex targeting computers and automated weapons mounts.

Melee (p84) Brawn

  • Make a melee attack using a Melee weapon.

Ranged (Heavy) (p84) Agility

  • Make a ranged attack using a Ranged (Heavy) weapon.

Ranged (Light) (p84) Agility

  • Make a ranged attack using a Ranged (Light) weapon.


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