Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 4 - Note given to ST-MY

Anders — it is done. No more bad heart, much bad hurt. Shaken up about it, but the black hat was taken out of the game. Visit him at home, you may find something of interest to you… if it hasn’t been completely picked through yet. John has a long mustache. Let me know if you have any other odd jobs that need to be done.

Communique 3.5 - Dead Drop

Made contact with local rebel operative, wife of one of the local strongmen. Raided Imperial landing pad bringing in large batch of explosives, possibly for civilian construction? Heavily guarded by PIBCO droids. No match for fellow prisoners. No civilian casualties, only droids. Was unable to acquire any of the explosives but assume they will be put to good use. Success! Isolated but no longer alone in this hellish wilderness.


Communique 3 - Dead Drop

Planet seems infested with darkness, metaphorically as well as literally. Place seems overrun with warring cults; hoping that factions can be played off each other should it come to it. Doctor already inflamed conflict on accident (so he claims), leading to Imperial flyby as assertion of power. Made contact with daughter of one cult leader, found insight into their beliefs very informative… local strongman leading others out of what, desperation, a sense of longing, hope for something greater? Apocalyptic imagery of underwater gods drowning land-dwellers for perceived sins. Makes me think back to that Imperial deep-water research station… what goes on there?


Too much primitive savagery here — no signs of Imperial socio/genetic engineering found yet, possibly just due to confined quarters, lack of freedoms, and environment’s oppressive lack of daylight. Sith relics (shrines?) seem common, creating uneasy presence here. Must stay vigilant.

Communique 2 - Dead Drop

While awaiting orders, undertook local mission to reconnoiter area. Headed north to new PIBCO facility; dock/warehousing facility under construction, lightly though attentively guarded though does not seem militarized enough yet to be a viable target. Will need to double-check after workmen are clear of the area to reduce operational impact on civilians. Built into rock-face overlooking the harbor.


Also made contact with local “cult” of witch-women, using some kind of sith artifice to summon rock-like monsters (to negligible effect; these creatures set upon the cult’s husbands over trivial domestic disputes rather than military targets). Attempted to align this group with our needs due to common anti-Imperial opinions, but failed; attempted to de-escalate situation, which led to untimely demise of all cultists, thus neutralizing threat to local population.

Communique 1 - Dead Drop

Have successfully landed on Arcanus. Fellow prisoners seem competent, luckily no obvious psychopaths; seem apathetic to our goals but have strong anti-Imperial sentiments. Consists as follows: mercenary killer (blackmailed); veteran combat medic (resisting arrest); blind woman (of marginal interest). Minimal Imperial presence; most is off-loaded to PIBCO mercenaries. Have made contact with local Hutt strongman named An’goss. Also have acquired droid from previous “operative” who used said droid to publish various pornographic novels. Get in contact with politically-friendly publisher, may be able to leverage this as impromptu operations budget. May be useful contact to have. Anders has done an admirable job pulling this off; will await further instructions. Using deceased pornographer’s hideout as forward operating base outside of town. More later.

Obelisks, Cultists, and Imperial Spys... Oh My!

Having had a hilariously weird time of rescuing little girls from apocalyptic death cults and reading strange obelisks, our intrepid team of convicts finally found themselves with a couple of less esoteric tasks to complete. With reassurances from Xzun they hooked up with the local rebel cell, led by Pellm, and executed a raid on an Imperial transport. They managed to get out of this encounter with the objective, a cargo hold full of explosives, and zero loss of sentient life. We blew up both the ship and its complement of guard droids, acquiring a fantastic new cortosis-weave “walking stick” for everyone’s favorite blind totally-not-a-Jedi.

The next morning we received a garbled message, written in half pictographs and half horrific misspellings by SCMY, which Dyn, Xzun, and Zyr debated the meaning of while Saralle went out for a walk in the grove. While the totally normal blind lady was out on her walk, she found herself accosted by a trio of weirdo stalker kidnappers from the local Creepy Monastery who wanted to stuff her in their burlap sack and carry her off “for her own good.” Unfortunately for them she had long since run out of fucks that morning, and managed to both restrain one of them with their own handcuffs and use her new “walking stick” to rearrange the face of another. She then signaled the rest of the team with her commlink, leading to a short deployment montage as they scrambled/jetpacked up the ladder to the surface.

The trio of Creeps tried desperately to run away once they realized they were outmatched (with Zyr shooting the gun out of one of their hands, Xzun yelling a lot, and Dyn charging them), but were stopped by the combined influence of Saralle’s ass-kicking ways and Dyn’s terrifying calls for their surrender. A frank conversation was had with the three scumbags, with Dyn talking to them about a bunch of boring mystical crap no one else cares about, and they were sent on their way with a clear message: Return unannounced and we will burn everything you know and love to the ground. Then we had tea.

Having deciphered enough of SCMY’s message to know we were either supposed to kill or talk to a haberdasher in a distant fishing village, we headed off to see about a hatmaker. After engaging in legitimate commerce with this purveyor of chapeaus, with Zyr showing great interest in new headgear and Xzun ordering a ridiculous new custom hat, we learned that he was an Imperial spy and a member of the native population of Arcanus. Saralle went out for pretzels, and Xzun shot the spy in cold blood. The spy didn’t bleed, which was weird but a bit outside their ability to investigate at the moment. Dyn mildly chided Xzun for being new to this whole “quiet assassination” thing, with Zyr similarly shaking his head, and they decided to cheese it before the fuzz could appear. Saralle wandered back in as Dyn was lighting the place on fire to conceal evidence, and was utterly disgusted by how sideways and amoral the day had gone.

As they watched their handiwork burn, Dyn, Xzun, and Zyr learned that the Imperial haberdasher-spy had an old mansion out in the swamplands. Saralle refused to accompany them to the mansion, instead heading off to An Drochaid Castle to meet with others of the local native species. The other three engaged in a bit of larceny, breaking into the mansion and ransacking it for more information on the Imperial’s activities (and definitely, totally not valuables). When we got to the basement we found an absolute horror show, learning that the haberdasher had been skinning humanoids for crafting materials. Dyn and Xzun immediately lost any sense of regret over murdering the spy. Dyn secured the spy’s communications terminal in a manner that will eventually allow him to go through everything on its hard drive, and with Zyr’s help they “acquired” both a stash of goods from inside the mansion (credits, a necklace, and a deed that we burned up) and the spy’s fan-boat transport. They then began heading back towards the grove to stash their newly gotten gains.

Saralle, meanwhile, had a fantastic time at the local native drum circle/festival. She signed the group up for some kind of sacred hunt for the Mother Chuub, and sampled the local cuisine/brews. The session ended with the other three in flight and her in the midst of the festival, with Plot likely coming round the corner shortly…

Welcome to Arcanus

The adventure began aboard a StarSpeeder 1000, holding 1/10th the passenger capacity (though some space was taken up by equipment and vehicles) and a delightfully silent droid pilot. The four passengers were new arrivals to the Arcanus Penal Colony and consisted of Falleen Rebel commander Xzun Koss, the Human soldier-medic Dyn Solborne, the Rodian gun-for-hire [insert name here], and Miralukan Jedi-Padawan-in-Exile Saralle Va’an. The trip was largely uneventful with little talking among the prisoners and upon their arrival were quickly ushered out into processing. The man in charge of processing (and apparently the only employee working it) was a very large, very ill looking man of questionable repute. While he went through the processing checklist, he informed the quartet that they are now roommates in their luxurious new condo, and that the customary 10% of earnings would be cut down to 8% due to Dyn helping the man relieve a few of his symptoms.

As they traveled to their new home on Arcanus using their various modes of transportation, which included a speeder, speeder bike and jetpack, they exchanged paltry little information of themselves. Anything more was interrupted by their arrival to a very small cargo container that was their home and it was readily apparent it was occupied. The occupant was quickly identified as a steambot appropriately designated ST-MY, along with ST-MY’s Big Burlap Bag of Many Things™ and a dead Bothan. Judicious use of a restrainer bolt on ST-MY turned up no leads about the dead Bothan (most likely due to the questions asked or not asked) and it was decided that the Bothan would be burned and buried. ST-MY was placed under supervision once it became clear that he was spying on them and other residents.

The crew eventually decided to figure out just what ST-MY is up to and instead of following the boy on an admitted three day journey, they opted to just give him a lift to where he needed to go to drop off his observations. The 15 minute speeder ride concluded at a small waterfall and well, complete with small bench for ST-MY. ST-MY told the group that he just puts the notes in the well and then goes to sit by the waterfall since he wasn’t allowed to see the notes being collected. Most were skeptical at first until a hidden panel was found at the bottom of the well. Dyn blocked the door off while the other three went to the well and noticed that there was a hidden panel in the ground that led to a bunker.

Exploration of the bunker quickly yielded results. The bunker belonged to a Twilek named Blart who under a very popular nome de plume wrote a very large series of erotic novels using the notes from ST-MY as inspiration. It was also abundantly clear that this man had died five years into ST-MY’s thirty year mission and the notes ST-MY had been writing were just piling up behind the hidden panel in the well. In an effort to give ST-MY purpose in life again after revealing his mission had been a fraud (and due to the fact most party members didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting the very heavy droid out of the bunker), he was given the task of organizing the notes into their proper files.

The group sought out An’Goss, the village leader and all around working blue-collar Hutt, to request from him both a permit to practice medicine out of their home and to lay claim to the land around the waterfall and well to protect the knowledge of the bunker. An’Goss was skeptical about the second request but relented when it was clarified that they wanted to create a ST-MY wildlife refuge (both to protect the droid and to give him something look at from his little bench). An’Goss also taught them how to raise their standing in the village and earn some money as well by showing them the local bounty board. Saralle expressed interest in hunting the rock wyverns that were plaguing the village and the group decided on their first job.

EXILES - Character Creation Info

EDGE of the EMPIRE Characters start with 10 Obligation
FORCE and DESTINY Characters start with 50 Morality
EACH CHARACTER GETS 150 bonus XP that can NOT be used on characteristics.
EACH CHARACTER GETS 9,000 bonus Credits, can be used to buy a lightsaber or anything else except vehicles able to go into space.

Characters may do one or more of the following to a max of 10 extra Obligation (so F&D characters can have a max of 10 Obligation, where EotE can have 20):
5xp = +5 Obligation
+1000 CR = +5 Obligation
10 xp = +10 Obligation
+2500 CR = +10 Obligation
+/- 21 Morality = +10 Obligation



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