Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 3 - Dead Drop

Planet seems infested with darkness, metaphorically as well as literally. Place seems overrun with warring cults; hoping that factions can be played off each other should it come to it. Doctor already inflamed conflict on accident (so he claims), leading to Imperial flyby as assertion of power. Made contact with daughter of one cult leader, found insight into their beliefs very informative… local strongman leading others out of what, desperation, a sense of longing, hope for something greater? Apocalyptic imagery of underwater gods drowning land-dwellers for perceived sins. Makes me think back to that Imperial deep-water research station… what goes on there?


Too much primitive savagery here — no signs of Imperial socio/genetic engineering found yet, possibly just due to confined quarters, lack of freedoms, and environment’s oppressive lack of daylight. Sith relics (shrines?) seem common, creating uneasy presence here. Must stay vigilant.


edgey admiralironbombs

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