Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 2 - Dead Drop

While awaiting orders, undertook local mission to reconnoiter area. Headed north to new PIBCO facility; dock/warehousing facility under construction, lightly though attentively guarded though does not seem militarized enough yet to be a viable target. Will need to double-check after workmen are clear of the area to reduce operational impact on civilians. Built into rock-face overlooking the harbor.


Also made contact with local “cult” of witch-women, using some kind of sith artifice to summon rock-like monsters (to negligible effect; these creatures set upon the cult’s husbands over trivial domestic disputes rather than military targets). Attempted to align this group with our needs due to common anti-Imperial opinions, but failed; attempted to de-escalate situation, which led to untimely demise of all cultists, thus neutralizing threat to local population.


edgey admiralironbombs

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