Star Wars: Exiles

Communique 1 - Dead Drop

Have successfully landed on Arcanus. Fellow prisoners seem competent, luckily no obvious psychopaths; seem apathetic to our goals but have strong anti-Imperial sentiments. Consists as follows: mercenary killer (blackmailed); veteran combat medic (resisting arrest); blind woman (of marginal interest). Minimal Imperial presence; most is off-loaded to PIBCO mercenaries. Have made contact with local Hutt strongman named An’goss. Also have acquired droid from previous “operative” who used said droid to publish various pornographic novels. Get in contact with politically-friendly publisher, may be able to leverage this as impromptu operations budget. May be useful contact to have. Anders has done an admirable job pulling this off; will await further instructions. Using deceased pornographer’s hideout as forward operating base outside of town. More later.


edgey admiralironbombs

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